AIG Malaysia: 360° Insurance Coverage Plan

Comprehensive Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

Since 1953, AIG continues to be operating in Malaysia by giving premier vehicle insurance & risk management solutions to corporations and individuals. After far more than six decades operating with 15 offices nationwide, AIG Malaysia is consistently delivering quality service to customers. This is all thanks to the contribution of their very own significant network of agents, brokers, and schemes.

AIG holds on to the belief that insurance and financial protection are significant in dealing with an uncertain future. Hence, they’ve already created a wide range of risk management plans to fit both private individuals’ and businesses’ needs.

When acquiring assets just like homes and cars, the authority renders insurance purchase mandatory to make sure the general public can safeguard themselves during incidents. In case the customers decide to choose the car of property insurance from AIG, they are prepared to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the appropriate premium.

AIG Malaysia

Nonetheless, most likely the most precious thing everyone will surely have is their health. Although it used to become a challenge for insurers like AIG to teach the citizens about the importance to purchase health insurance, it’s now seen a constant improvement in the number of purchases made caused by the time and effort they’ve designed to create awareness.

As a result of the rise of international trading and lower traveling expenses, the Malaysian citizen appears to travel more for the work and leisure. Because there’s huge interest in travel insurance, AIG provides a whole coverage plan for its customers having a catchy tagline, that is “let us “Jaga” you on your trip”.

For corporate entities, AIG features a versatile risk management plan which helps them protect their business from unforeseen mishaps. They are simply able to join any type of insurance, for example, property insurance, manufacturing related insurance, insurance correlated to financial lines, and also group employee benefits insurance as part of their employees’ medical & health benefits with AIG.

AIG recognizes well that corporate customers in manufacturing, education, loan merchants, import & export, construction, or possibly the aviation sector has different insurance policy coverage desires; and it’s the sole reason for providing such a measure of flexibility. And also, it even gives credence to require smaller-scale businesses and facilitates them by supplying SME Package to eligible companies.

Hence, customers who will be interested in more information about AIG Malaysia’s insurance and risk management offerings can click on their site for getting information on nearby agents to set up a face to face meeting. To customers who prefer a straight-forward approach, they’re now able to simply request a quote in the website and provide relevant information to ensure that assessment is possible.

Recently, AIG Malaysia proceeded to go further to embrace e-commerce as they quite simply make their vehicle insurance subscription on Lazada Malaysia. This might ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they can have their insurance activated within just 72 hours, which is perceived as a brilliant strategy for reaching out to the target audience digitally.